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Repossession Services

Without adequate forethought, proper planning and most importantly - the right agent for the job - a repossession can quickly turn from a solution into an even greater problem and financial burden to the lender.


Our client's best financial interests are always borne in mind and every effort is made to collect outstanding arrears in the first instance, without the necessity for repossession (dependent on specific instruction and individual circumstances). Sometimes however, repossession is inevitable.


Ever changing legislation and rules governing the repossession industry and debt recovery process has made it paramount for the lender to employ the right agent in order to protect their own financial and legal interests.

  • Cost effective repossessions & collections

  • Experienced & qualified agents

  • Trouble free repossessions & collection of arrears

  • Rapid turnaround

  • Regular client updating (secure "on-line" database access)

  • Comprehensive & timely reporting and invoicing

  • Detailed condition reports

  • Digital photography of repossessed goods (where possible)

Collection Services

Prompt, professional, courteous but firm field calls for collection of arrears, intention toward debt, ability to pay and other enquiries as directed.


Our agent will call to the address provided and interview the subject directly. Detailed notes will be taken regarding the persons ability to pay, their future intentions, any repayment proposals, their apparent ability to pay, current financial and employment status. Contact details will be updated as required. Demand for payment or a suitable repayment proposal will be made as required/directed. General inspection and observations will be made of any encumbered chattles. Objective observations of the subjects overall likelihood to maintain repayments will be provided if required.


If the person subject to the field call has moved from the adress provided, we will make all available enquiries local enquiries within the confines of the Privacy Act in order to establish any forwarding details. Failing any forwarding address, a detailed report will be provided or the matter referred to our skip-tracing department, as required.


Please be assured that EVERY field call we undertake will be conducted in the most professional manner, will be diligent, thorough and will conform to all relevant legislative requiremens and guidelines.


To discuss our competitive rates or should you require further information regarding our services, please contact us today!

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