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Australia's #1 sensing, thinking and acting partner in the field.

Cost-effectively reduce risks associated with crime and safety, lower
operating and one-off costs, improve productivity and obtain the
peace of mind that comes with knowledge.

Solar powered, future proof solutions for..

  • Security

  • Warning

  • Remote Sensing


  • Surveillance

  • Time-lapse

  • Platforms for Visual AI


Sustainable Energy and solar cameras

Solar Security Camera Systems

We are living in smart times. Change has come to countless different industries as a result of technological advances, making life that little bit easier for end-users. We are also living through challenging ethical times, where our decisions with regards to consumption are continually questioned.

Businesses, therefore, need to look toward revolutionary technology to bolster their credentials without opening their premises up to risk. Fortunately, a solar security camera system is now accessible in Australia that achieves everything required and more.

At Tuff Security, we have partnered with a national ASX listed company that designs, develops and manufactures monitoring systems that are used to secure and protect businesses in industrial, government and commercial sectors. Our cloud-based technology solutions push away from the old analogue, wire-dependent systems of old and afford businesses a vastly superior means of keeping tabs on their property 24/7.

Our smart systems are designed for the 21st Century and make it possible for end-users to gain the kind of peace of mind and confidence that previous security systems were incapable of achieving.

Solar Wireless Cloud Recording Camera with Live Surveillance, Active Deterrence & Time-Lapse

  • Connect via 3G/4G

  • 24/7 Mobile Access

  • Remote arm/disarm

  • HD Live view

  • Easy to install and use

  • No trenching to carry power

  • Time-lapse recording function

  • Switch view between multiple cameras

  • Available on desktop and mobile

  • Custom designed and built in Australia

  • Powered entirely by solar

  • Thermal imaging option

  • Email and in App alerts

  • Secure log in

  • Removable and reusable

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An Investment in

Peace of Mind

Security means different things to different people. For some, locating your premises in a remote setting that is far from the hustle and bustle of the city may afford you lower parking and rent costs as well as a perceived lower risk of break-ins or trespassing.  However, since you have invested so much in your business (and you probably lock your doors at home), it makes sense to protect it by installing a solar security camera?

For many people, security is something that they have come to take for granted. When you first moved into your business premises you might have been particularly motivated to secure it, but over time this has become less of a priority. The result is that you could be under-protecting your business with nothing or almost nothing with CCTV cameras and systems that are outdated, are difficult to use and don’t protect your assets.

A solar-powered security camera is more than just a fancy new way of achieving maximum protection for your business. By harnessing the power of new technology, you can identify potential criminals at the point of entry, actively deter them from trespass, notify monitoring or guard services and capture images of those that perpetrate crimes against you.  You stop crime, make considerable cost savings and also have access to live footage from your cameras no matter where you are, as long as you have a 3G/4G connection.

Don’t make the same mistake that many others have by investing only in strong lock systems. Assume that you need proper coverage to ensure complete security and back up your locking mechanisms and safes with reliable solar wireless security cameras.

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